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Wooden Boules Set By Gentlemen's Hardware

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Take it back to a classic game of balls with this quaint wooden boules set that’s perfect for outdoors or indoors fun - so long as you’re careful where you throw them! There are plenty of games that you can do with this set and it’s a great opportunity to bring friends and family together. Whether you make up your own games or choose to play a classic, it’s one that’s sure to bring everyone together. The set itself is a lovely keepsake and is a nice change considering many toys nowadays are largely made from plastic. Whether the gift recipient is an adult or child, it’ll be one that’s much appreciated!
This outdoor boules set is the perfect way to get outdoors and have some good, clean, old fashioned fun! This set comes with a handy travel bag, making the wooden balls super easy to store and transport. All you need to do now is round up the troops, get out there and start having some fun!
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