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Reusable Gold Metal Straws Set in Eco Friendly Case

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If you’ve ever wondered what a rapper’s smoothie party would look like, this set of gold metal straws will give you some idea. Delivered in a neat, eco-friendly case made from wheat straw that carries the line, ‘Sippity doo dah’, the eight-strong set will bring the bling like a dinner-plate-sized dollar ring. All you need now is oversized shades, sequined hotpants and an unfastened, XXXXXL silk gown or two. The gold metal straws can be taken anywhere there’s a party – poolside, cocktails, you name it – and they’re reusable time after time thanks to the two special cleaning brushes in the kit that let you get to twerk on keeping them gleaming.
Gift tips: Gold reusable straws won’t be anywhere on anyone’s gift list. Which is precisely what makes them the perfect present. They’re green (being reusable), practical (being so much better than flimsy paper alternatives) and fun (being clearly outrageous), and even come in an eco-friendly box. Crammed with novelty value, someone’s about to thank you almost as much as the turtles.
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