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Porcupine Pastel Pink Hardcover Notebook

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If you’re in the gift market for a hardcover notebook, how about one that fuses MC Hammer with a Victorian-style line drawing of a porcupine? What’s that you say? That’s exactly what you put into the search engine? We knew it. Well, here it is, in all its pastel-coloured, soft-touch, strokable glory. It’s what giftware specialist Designworks Ink calls ‘vintage sass’. And it’s ready to grace the desk of anyone you care to mention, where its looks alone will melt the heart of even the prickliest recipient (see what we did there?). The hardcover notebook stands 8.5 inches high, giving plenty of room to make a note of who had the foresight and taste to give them such a lovely gift and how they must return the favour in kind soon.
Gift tips: This lovely pastel pink notepad, with stunning line-drawing of a porcupine and witty lyric from a low-crotched rapper, has pretty obvious novelty value. If you can find another matching that description, we’d be keen to hear about it. It’s a fantastic premium gift from top brand, Designworks Ink, and has a tactile velvet/rubber coating to its hardback cover that makes it as de-stressing as it is practical.
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