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Mother Knows Best Wooden Pencil Kit

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Looking for a few familiar nuggets of maternal wisdom? You’ll find six of the best in this ‘Mother knows best’ printed 2b pencil kit. It’s a celebration of how the lady who brought you into the world kicking and screaming also brought you gems like: “Can’t never could” and “Do as I say, not as I do” – not to mention the mother of all replies and one that simply that has no answer: “Because I said so!” the pencil kit has a beautiful retro feel, including two carpenter style pencils (the occupation, not the famous musical siblings) and also comes in a beautifully designed traditional string loop pouch to give it great gift appeal.
Gift tips: These cheeky wooden pencils are great fun and will raise a smile in virtually everyone who’s either had or been a mum. They’re beautifully crafted in soft pastel shades and even the typography is considered – not only on the pencils themselves but on the box too, which is just too lovely to throw away and really adds to the gift appeal.
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