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Bourbon Cedar Candle by Gentlemen's Hardware

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Introducing the whiskey candle. Or, to put it another way, the man candle. Forget your frangipani-jasmine-and-pickled-kumquat nonsense – this is a hard candle for hard people who like the hard stuff. So hard in fact, it comes in a holder made from reusable concrete. So once the recipient is done with filling their workshop with the scent of fine bourbon as they build a tank from scrap metal with their bare hands, it can be reused for something suitably… well… GRRR. As 10mm tank shell stand, maybe. Or a bowl to eat razorblades from. In reality, of course, it’s probably going to give someone a nice, soft glow as he bathes his baby soft hands in a sea of bubbles and eventually become a home for trinkets. Doesn’t sound nearly as exciting though. This soy wax whisky candle comes in a fantastic premium box, making it a great gift.
Gift tips: The Gentlemen’s Hardware bourbon candle makes for a stunning gift. Not only is its unique, earthy whiskey and cedar wood scent full of novelty nostril value, it also comes in a beautifully designed box with softened, rounded edges. Every detail has been considered, just as you’d expect from the premium brand in giftware.
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