Make the most of the remaining summer sunshine with a picnic outside! Whether you are setting up in the garden or travelling somewhere for a day out with your family, we’ve got some top tips for packing the perfect picnic!

A basic picnic needs four essential items: a blanket, a food carrier (with food), napkins, and plates for serving. What makes a picnic perfect is an extra something that’s a little different to ensure the day out is memorable. So, scroll down for some fun picnic ideas that will one day be reminisced!

Set the scene

Setting your picnic blanket up next to a convenient public bin may sound like a great idea but trust us when we say that hot rubbish on a summer’s day is not the ambient scent that you want. Choose comfortable flat terrain with a scenic view of nature and countryside. Bring a bin bag with you to collect all your food wrappers and containers then dispose of the bag either straight after the picnic or once you get home. Play your favourite feel-good music from your phone with a portable pocket tin speaker. A subscription to a music streaming app will provide hours of uninterrupted listening as you dance, sing and enjoy some family picnic time.

Food, food, and more food!

Make your picnic Instagram-worthy with a wooden serving board and snack bowl set. Share out a cold platter of olives, stuffed peppers and other small appetisers into the bowls, pairing each bowl with a fork to portion out a serving. Serve up a ploughman’s lunch of scotch eggs, pork pies, gherkins, pickled onions, salads, grapes, and a selection of cheeses onto your wooden serving board. A vegan alternative could include a selection of houmous with celery sticks, peppers, cucumber, carrots and breadsticks for dipping! Dish up generous portions of salad with a stylish set of wooden salad servers. Napkins are essential for every picnic because, let’s face it, picnic foods are messy for even the most etiquette eaters! Don’t forget to bring portable plates and cutlery if needed. Discover our range of portable BBQ sets for the ultimate picnic experience!

Games and laughter

Have fun with your picnic party by bringing the coolest outdoor activities and games!

Play a classic game of quoits ring toss and aim to score the highest number of pegs. The simple and hassle-free set-up makes this game ideal for those who just want to have fun and crack on with some activities! Ideal for all ages, young children especially will love throwing the ring and getting as many pegs as possible.

Bat and ball games are fun for all ages so bring the Miami-inspired south beach bat and ball set for some friendly game play. Don’t wait until your next beach adventure to play, simply pack the bat and ball set in your bag and take it with you to an open space for an after-picnic activity.  

Burn off the extra calories consumed with an entertaining team skipping challenge! Our extra-long kids skipping rope is portable, fun and the perfect length for including everyone. Watch the experts show off some tricks then join in and learn a few skills.

If the weather is sunny with a breeze, you must pack a kite for some good ol’ kite flying! Our extra-large colourful large dragon kite with 134cm wingspan will amaze your children and keep them occupied as you sip on something refreshing. Show your child a few techniques on how to fly the kite. Let it drift off a little, then pull in on the line as the kite points up so that it climbs.

Keep it comfy!

Dress for the weather and don’t forget to pack a jacket in case it gets chilly, and sun cream for those scorching afternoon hours. Wear clothes that feel comfortable for sitting on the floor and bring a portable chair if you would prefer!

That’s it for our top tips for packing the perfect picnic!

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