It’s time to dust off those dancing shoes and put on your best Christmas jumper – it’s Christmas party night! We understand it can be daunting when hosting for the evening for your friends and family which is why we want you to have the ultimate party experience with our quirky Christmas party ideas. Dress to impress and dance the night away knowing your guests are having a fabulous time.

Set the Scene

What’s a party without candles and music? We have an array of Christmas themed candles to get in the festive spirit. Create atmosphere in each room of your home with a set of mini scented candles and delight all the sense with an adorable set of robin shape candles wearing hats. Candles are the perfect addition to any Christmas party as you can place them anywhere around the house. If like us you’re candle mad, think windowsills, mantles and any other flat surface you can find! To make life even easier for you here is a list of festive candles we have on offer. As for music, keep an eye out for our top Christmas playlist for more Christmas party ideas!

1.) Gingerbread Candles

2.) Christmas Robin Tea Lights – Set of 4

3.) Scented Candle Gift Box

4.) Cracker Candle Gift Set - (available in multiple scents)

Get this Party Started

In the words P!NK, “it’s time to get this party started”, and what better way to start a party than with a drink. Gin has never been cooler, and it’s quickly become the number one spirit to order whether that be in a slimline tonic or in cocktail. Serve your own speciality at your party with gin tasting accessories kit! Our gin and whiskey tasting kits enhance the look and taste of your tipples for all to enjoy. Designed for serving two people, each kit features a combination of beverage must-haves (minus the actual beverage). Whilst the gin kit includes tasting botanicals, the whiskey kit differs as it features a set of reusable ice cube stones for cooling your drink. Packaged inside a stylish marble cannister, each kit contains glasses, coasters and of course, a score card and pencil – all you need to add is the booze! Impress your guests with this fantastic party kit and they’ll go home even wiser about their new favourite drink. We’ll cheers to that.

A tad peckish did you say? Put on a spread of all spreads with our rustic cheese board. Let your guests feast on an array of your chosen cheeses and be sure to label them on individual chalk signs. Add some grapes and crackers to finish it off.  Fancy aye…

Here’s our list of party starters to make your life easier.

1.) Gin Tasting Accessories Kit

2.) Whiskey Tasting Accessories Kit

3.) Acacia Cheese Serving Board

Party Games

It’s not a party without some fun-filled games to keep the memento going which is why it’s a good job that we have you covered with a huge selection of games to choose from. Think Bottle Top Bullseye, Ring Toss and yes, even retro Bingo! Did someone say the loser clears up?

The fun doesn’t stop here. Carry on the evening with handmade cocktails using the ultimate stylish bar tools. Choose from a set of 6 copper tools or a 4 in 1 brass plated jigger to get your inner bartender going and mix up your guest’s cocktails.

1.) Bullseye Bottle Top Game

2.) Retro Ring Toss

3.) Bingo

4.) 6 Piece Copper Bar Tool Set

5.) 4 in 1 Cocktail Jigger

And there we have it, multiple quirky Christmas party ideas to throw one to remember. Until next year!  
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