Best Home Scents to Lift Every Room

Home fragrance can impact the ambience of your space , but with so many options available it can be challenging to know which one will suit each room at home. So, whether it’s a refreshing kitchen scent or a luxury, inviting bedroom fragrance, we’ve got the best home scents to lift every room. For an effortless update, here’s how you can give your home interior instant ambience with home fragrance…

Oil mist diffusers and where to place them at home

Perfume mist diffusers are renowned for their impact on mood as they enhance both mental and physical wellbeing. A ceramic electric diffuser is easy to use and requires very little maintenance as it gently releases fragrance to circulate your room. Our luxury Stoneglow ultrasonic diffusers act as a humidifier, adding moisture to the air while filling it with a delightfully subtle scent. Available in a modern black, white, grey and pale pink finish, our range of oil mist diffusers will suit any home décor!

We suggest placing a perfume mist diffuser in a room where it will gently send fragrance throughout your home, leaving a light aroma in every room. The ambient lighting option can help create the perfect aroma as you read your book, watch your favourite Netflix series, or spend time pampering yourself. By featuring an oil mist diffuser in a common space, like the kitchen or hallway, your entire family can benefit from mood enhancing scents.

Now for the fragrance oils…

When choosing a fragrance, think about the mood which you want to create. You may want to create an environment that is calming, relaxing, invigorating, or romantic. So, whether you need romance, relaxation or a burst of energy, the type of scent you choose will help induce this state!


Light floral fragrances are perfect for the bedroom. We suggest our Stoneglow Gardenia and Pink Peony Fragrance Oil 15ml for your beside table or chest of drawers. Featuring woody notes of sandalwood, this beautifully delicate aroma is also ideal for a cosy living room. Feel calm at home with this vibrant and complex floral scent, sweet with hints of gentle woody musk.

Bedroom & Living Room

Fragrances containing ylang-ylang, patchouli, vanilla, sage, lavender, tea or camomile are great for prompting comfort and relaxation. Our Stoneglow Orris and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Fragrance 15ml creates tranquillity in the bedroom and can also be placed in the living room to create a clean and cosy sense. For a more romantic vibe, we love the Stoneglow Plum Blossom and Musk Oil Fragrance 15ml as it contains a succulent fruity accord of plum, pear and melon combined with fragrant floral notes of lily and freesia, entwined with sensuous musk’s.


Scents containing mint, moss and extracts of citrus enhance concentration which is just what you need for a boost of energy every morning. To create this ambience, we suggest our Stoneglow Mimosa and Grapefruit Fragrance Oil 15ml with your perfume mist diffuser. Simply place it on the table surface in your hallway for everyone to enjoy when they walk through the door.


Enjoy a pamper night in the bedroom or bathroom with the Stoneglow Oakmoss and Sea Salt Oil Fragrance 15ml. This effortlessly alluring scent mimics the freshness and soft saltiness of an ocean breeze. This beautiful scent will have you feeling as though you are lying on a beach on a tropical paradise island.

Top Tip: Avoid placing your oil mist diffuser in small, cramped spaces and ensure that the mist has space to disseminate.

So, there we have it, our best home scents to lift every room. Our Stoneglow collection features an array of distinctive and original fragrances to create long-lasting aromas that suit every home. We love unusual gifts and we bet you do to! To inspire your gift giving we offer a hand-picked selection of quirky gifts with retro flair. For more ideas and great savings, check out our hand-picked selection of scented candles, diffusers, and wardrobe fresheners in our Home Fragrance category.

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