5 Ways to Style a Sheepskin Rug

As the summer warmth turns to autumn chill, it’s time to start thinking about how to create a cosy living space at home. From knitted jumpers and scarfs to hot chocolates, casseroles and warm porridge oats, the autumn season is all about warming up from the inside out!

In addition to all our chunky knit wear, the change in climate has us switching up our decorative furnishings to keep toasty at home with thermal textures and comforts. A sheepskin rug is the perfect addition to any home and with so many colours on offer at Home & Gift Emporium, there’s something to suit every interior and any space! For idea’s on how to style a sheepskin rug at home, scroll down!

1. On the Sofa

For a hygge-inspired feature, lay your sheepskin rug on the sofa beside the arm rest so that it covers equal amounts of seat cushion and back cushion. Layer with two sofa cushions to create depth to your cosy spot. For grey sofas, we offer a luxury blush, teal and mint blue shade which compliments the cool tones of grey décor.


2. Beside your bed

A bedroom floor rug can offer immediate comfort when you step out of bed in the morning, especially for those with hard wood floorings! A sheepskin rug is a must-have thermal for homes transitioning into the autumn/winter months. For bedrooms with a neutral theme, lay the white, beige or grey sheepskin rug beside your bed; and for décor that’s in need of pop of colour our purple, mint blue and teal rug creates just the perfect amount of vibrancy!


3. Draped on a chair

There’s nothing like a cosy corner that a single chair and furry rug draped so meticulously that it almost looks careless! This little space for reading, relaxing, and drinking a cup of tea is made all the more snuggly with a soft sheepskin or natural Tibetan rug. Crafted from silky Tibetan fur, our beige sheepskin rug is durable, and easy to maintain with an ultra-soft, plush feel on your skin.


4. On the bed

Furry sheepskin hides add personality with their plush textured quality, which can soften up the feeling of your bed linens. Using a sheepskin rug as a throw or blanket is right at the essence of hygge home-styling. Layering multiple furry sheepskin rugs can make bedtime even more inviting, especially when multiple tones are layered together. This defining characteristic adds both physical and visual depth to a relaxing bedroom.


5. Hallway Runner

A sheepskin rug can be used as a cosy runner to enhance a narrow hallway. The appealing, undefined cut can break up the space, making them narrow spaces appear wider than they are. The plush texture of our furry rugs creates an eye-catching statement in narrow hallways


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