Remember when disposable cameras were all the rage? You would buy a few and take them on holidays, to weddings, birthdays and any celebratory event you were attending. You’d happily snap-away in the hope that your finger wasn’t covering the lens and everyone’s eyes were actually open. You’d then take the photos to be developed and return home eager to flick through your photos and relive those wonderful moments.

Nowadays, it’s all about digital photo storage. You take a photo, edit it yourself and post it on socials for everyone to see. These digital advances are great, but we no longer get to experience the warm-hearted, fuzzy feeling that only happens when we walk past the photo on the wall!

Keep your treasured memories alive with our favourite photo display ideas! After all, personal touches are what make a house a home.

Personalised Piece of Artwork

For a truly unique aesthetic, create a piece of personalised artwork by featuring your favourite pics in a uniform edit and attach to the geometric frame display. Add a sepia filter to your photos before printing as the rich brown pigment will complement the appearance of the luxury, polished copper glaze finish. The geometric design of the frame adds a contemporary touch to interior spaces and can be styled with our deluxe range of copper accessories for a stylish, cohesive fit! Mount the photo frame to the wall in your bedroom, living room or hallway for everyone to admire. Check out the frame for inspiration!

Monochrome Moments

Who doesn’t love a black and white photo edit? Your skin looks clear, nobody knows it was an over-cast day and the monochrome aesthetic suits every interior palette! Perfect for contemporary style homes, simply edit your favourite photos with a black and white filter then print them for the clipping to the photo display screen. Featuring a unique geometric wire frame, reminiscent of a room divider, this photo display stand will add a touch of chicness to any room! Keep things coordinated by featuring this frame near additional matte black elements. Check out the frame for inspiration! Featuring clips to secure photos in place, this geometric frame also makes a fabulous polaroid photo display!

Windowsills for the Win

We love a windowsill display! Avoid cluttered coffee and bedside tables by flaunting your trendy home accessories on the windowsill. Featuring a mixture of playful eccentricity with the gold tone and tasteful restraint with a minimalist frame, our elegant gold photos frames are a must-have accessory for windowsills. Showcase your family, friends and favourite moments inside the frame and style up your interior with lots of luxury gold accents for a cohesive interior design!

Stand out from the crowd with these unique photo display ideas!

We hope these styling tips help you create your very own industrial-inspired home design. We love all things interior and we bet you do to. To inspire your home improvement projects, we offer a hand-picked selection of stylish items to suit all interior designs. For more inspiration, tips and ideas, keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs and be sure to check out our Pinterest.