It’s the beginning of a new year, a time to put all the Christmas decorations away and set goals for the year ahead. However, it’s not always easy to feel motivated especially after a seriously busy Christmas break. After the hustle and bustle of the holiday period, you deserve to take a weekend off in January for some personal downtime!

Zone out and zen out with our suggestions on how to relax after a busy Christmas.

Put your new scented candle to good use and get the bath time essentials out for a relaxing half hour in the tub. Set your sumptuous scented candle either on your window sill or on the ledge at the foot of the bath and savour the aroma of bliss. To truly ignite the perfect calming atmosphere, place a few tea light candles in the bathroom, turn the main light off and enjoy the warming glow. Pour plenty of muscle-relaxing bubble bath into the water and immerse yourself into the sea of bubbles. For an extra touch of zen, play calming spa music and don’t forget to stay hydrated with your drinking bottle filled with water and sliced lemon!

If baths are not your thing, then have a pamper session in the comfort of your own room. Set the pillows up to support your back and light your favourite fragranced candle. Delight your senses in the aromatic bliss of the burning wick as you paint your nails or read a book. Enjoy these personal moments and catch up on a bit of self-admin with a facial treatment or hair mask.

If you’ve been cooped up inside the house for a few days, then use your free weekend as an opportunity to reset your body clock and connect with nature (if the weather permits it!). Having a dog is a great excuse to get out and exercise for an hour but if you haven’t got a dog, you could always go for a long countryside walk with your family or simply by yourself. Wrap up in warm outerwear and take lots of deep breaths as you stride.

The festive period is one of the most expensive times of the year. If you’re looking for budget-friendly, relaxation ideas, we’ve got the perfect idea for you. Simply set up camp on the sofa and watch a few episodes (or seasons) of your favourite Netflix series! Set the scene by turning off the lights, curling up in a blanket and feasting from the retro popcorn holder. Fill this reusable container with your favourite popcorn topping and enjoy the ‘cinematic’ experience.

If you’ve decided to do Dry January, you’re probably looking for a replacement drink to have in the evening. So, put down the fizzy prosecco and fill your mug with a warm cup of green tea. There are so many flavours to try from berry bursts to salted caramel, your taste buds (and liver) will thank you!

Christmas time can be very socially demanding with all the festive parties, friendly meets-ups, activities and family get-togethers. Enjoy a bit of quiet time with a light-hearted book or a game of sudoku. Turn your phone on silent and allow yourself some time away from the screen.

If you received some luxury massage oils at Christmas, then your weekend in is the ideal time to use them. Ask a partner to rub your shoulders with the relaxing massage oil. If they need some convincing, offer to return the favour with one of the four massage oils in the full body massage kit. To relieve all the tension and stress, take the facial massage oil and gently rub it into your temples using light, circular motions. Practice stress relief breathing techniques and feel yourself slip into nirvana. 

We hope this blog has given you a few ideas on how to relax after a busy Christmas! We love all things interior and we bet you do to. To inspire your home improvement projects we offer a hand-picked selection of stylish items to suit all interior designs. For more inspiration, tips and ideas, keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs and be sure to check out our Pinterest.