5 Ways to Style a Coffee Table Display

Your coffee table is an essential component when furnishing your living room, and not only is it useful for holding your morning cup of caffeine, it’s also a large focal point when you enter the room. Ordinarily positioned in front of the sofa, a coffee table can vary in size, material, and finish to suit the space and interior style of each home. A glass topped table keeps the focus on your display of accessories whilst sturdy, larger furnishings draw in the eye for minimalist displays.  

There are certain elements that take your interior styling from ‘meh’ to ‘oh wow’, so scroll down for our top five ways to style a coffee table display.

Story Telling with Accessories

Choose personal, conversational pieces that spark interest and tell a story. Try to avoid linear shapes and mix up the selection of materials by featuring a selection of organic and man-made pieces like shells and wooden home accessories with glass and industrial metallic accents. Items that provoke conversation and wonder whilst reflecting your unique taste in décor, will keep interior spaces interesting throughout the seasons. Our boho gold antique magnifying glass offers a unique visual and can be styled on top of your favourite stacked book collection for a high-fashion aesthetic. This quirky home accessory also ties in your interior gold accents for a cohesive, stylish design. Our collection of unique trinket trays and dishes will certainly add character and charm to your chill out space.  

Organising with Trays

Trays keep essentials organised which is great for the eye and your patience when searching for the remote! Coasters, candles, matchboxes and tea light holders can sometimes look misplaced and a little random, so trays come in handy for arranging smaller items together. Whether your interior style is minimalist or maximalist, our coffee table trays are ideal for any coffee table display. Presented with gold trimming in either a black or teal finish, our display tray sets feature three components including a square, oblong and round shape tray which can be stacked or separated as desired. If neutral or pastel tones are more your style, we offer a set of two eucalyptus trays to hold all your decorative accessories. Designed with a boho-style woven rattan base and handles at either side for easy transportation when you decide to change up your decorative placements. 

Plant Life for Homely Spaces

Feature a touch of greenery to bring your coffee table display to life! A simple plant or an interesting botanic arrangement make coffee tables look and feel more organic and less staged like a show home interior. Larger coffee tables can be anchored by sizeable, sculptural plants like eucalyptus or indoor snake plants whereas smaller tables can be complimented by a succulent or florals.

Heights and Textures for Visual Interest

Using a tray as your base, slowly bring the eye level up with a candle, decorative accessories and a vase with your favourite blooms or botanic arrangement. Layering pieces with varying heights and textures will keep your display from appearing flat, rigid, and uninspiring. Play with scale and variation until you feel like you have created something beautiful. Place a sculptural piece on top of your stacked books or square storage box to break up the straight lines.

Practicality is Key

Whilst Pinterest is a source of visual inspiration when brainstorming some ideas for your own home styling, we can often be misled by the intention behind the shot. Whilst the narrative reads cosy, designer chic styling, in reality the shot has been staged for artistic expression. This is particularly true for maximalist coffee table styling. It’s often impractical to always expect family members to keep a TV remote in a coffee table storage container or to return the matchsticks box back to its precise place. Ensure that your coffee table styling allows for functionality, especially when you need room on the table for your Monday morning coffee and Friday night gin.

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