BBQ Condiment Dispenser Gun

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Load, aim and fire sauce at your food with our cool condiment dispenser gun! This novelty sauce dispenser works just like a water gun and is great for BBQ’s. Simply fill one of the two squeeze cartridges provided in the pack with your favourite sauce. Once filled with sauce, simply close the barrel and squeeze the trigger. This condiment dispenser gun features a handy cover over the nozzle to keep the contents secure when not in use. An unusual gift for the friend who loves food!
Sold singly, simply insert the sauce by sliding the ‘open’ button with your finger and lifting the barrel off with your other hand, remove sauce cartridge and fill with your favourite sauce. Before use, clean with warm soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly. Handwash after each use to maintain the quality and freshness of sauce. Measuring (L)230mm in length from handle to nozzle with a (W)150mm.
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